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We build capacity to respond to the many unmet needs that are prevalent in our communities across the State. Our collective efforts will transform individuals, families, and communities. We accomplish the mission through three strategic focal areas:


Strategic Bridge Development

  • To develop strategic bridges that connect individuals and organizations at their points of common-unity;

  • To produce a pathway for families to achieve economic and spiritual transformation;

  • To provide a roadway across the obstacles resulting from generational poverty.


Effective Partnership Development

  • To develop effective partnerships that produce a specific by-product beyond an event. 


  • To develop effective partnerships that lead to the restoration of relationships at every level of human interaction.


  • To develop effective partnerships that allow each partner to accomplish their core reason for partnering (win-win).


Community Transformation

  • To develop and implement community strategies that lead to the holistic transformation of individuals.


Over the last twelve years, Mission Alabama has established strategic relationships throughout the grassroots, corporate, faith, government, and educational sectors. With this relational credibility, Mission Alabama is able to create partnerships in a matter of months that would normally take years to develop.

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We are Mission Alabama is a 501 (C) 3 organization which is a board-directed organization led by an Executive Director.


We are committed to creating partnerships that allow individuals and families to access the highways of success as a means of strengthening each community. 


We believe that successful individuals and families are the building blocks for thriving communities. We also believe that thriving communities are the DNA of productive cities. Therefore, a city cannot become productive unless the people that live there achieve success in their individual lives. To this end, we are committed to building strategic bridges in order to create effective partnerships that lead to community transformation. 


Our transformational model begins with building partnerships that empower individuals to achieve personal success. Those same partners support the empowered individuals as they transform their families. Subsequently, these thriving families will become agents of change to make their neighborhoods successful. The “Point of Transformation” for a community happens when the community begins to drive this transformational process.


We will assist our partners by connecting them to opportunities that empower impoverished residents to become agents for community transformation. We will assist individuals and families to (those to be served through our efforts) achieve a transformed life displaying the hope of God’s love and to increase their awareness of their own sufficiency within the context of community.

Our Mission


To our partners – We commit to assist you in building bridges that fulfill your goal to engage impoverished individuals and families in a manner that helps them achieve holistic transformation (i.e. spirit, soul, and body).

To individuals and families – We commit to being a partner in a transformation that provides the hope of God’s love and the opportunity to realize self-sufficiency within the context of community.


Together WE can make a difference for a real change!

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